Four photos of streetscapes in West Virginia constructed by Wolf Creek Construcion Company.

New Streetscapes in Nine WV Cities

Wolf Creek Contracting Company teamed up with Kanawha Stone Company to concurrently perform five projects in nine different West Virginia cities throughout the West Virginia Department of Highways’ District 9. These projects involved the installation of over 900 ADA mats on streetscapes in various towns throughout WV’s District 9.

We provided design-build services on this project as well as self-performed concrete. The work scope entailed the demolition of 843 sidewalk ramps and 23,000+ lineal feet of sidewalks throughout the West Virginia cities of Alderson, Ronceverte, White Sulphur Springs, Hinton, Summersville, Oak Hill, Fayetteville, Ansted, and Montgomery; and their subsequent redesign and construction to meet state and federal guidelines under the PROWAG standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. These projects were a unique approach by the West Virginia Department of Transportation to use the design build construction delivery method due to evolving PROWAG guidelines and requirements.

This project required us to coordinate the needs and desires of state and federal agencies, each municipality, numerous utilities, multiple business owners, and the public while ensuring safety to the public, inspectors, and all project workers during construction. There were multiple challenges to manage including extensive quality control as the PROWAG guidelines continued to evolve, requiring many design and construction changes in the moment. Traffic control was challenging in many of the cities as was the need to coordinate construction schedules with business owners to allow their customers continued access.

An additional challenge was the project construction schedule ran through the winter months, typically a WVHOH dead time for such construction. However, the projects were delivered successfully and on schedule. Wolf Creek worked 16,660 man-hours and its subcontractors an additional 18,000 man-hours without any lost time accidents.

These projects were truly special and qualified us for a national award because of their complexity and their contributions to allow better accessibility for the disabled. And, the projects were great improvements in nine, beautiful West Virginia cities.