North/South Carolina

Wolf Creek Is Your Trusted North & South Carolina General Contractor

From our home office in Waterford, Ohio all the way down to Hilton Head Island, our contracting team has the experience you need to get your commercial project done right. Wolf Creek Contracting is proud to be a licensed and insured contractor in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina. 

You need a team behind you who understands the unique requirements for General Contractors in North and South Carolina. Not only do our dedicated Project Managers lead your design to successful completion within all regulations and standards required by the state, but we also understand the importance of building successful relationships through superior customer service.

Our expert teams are most proud of their work on the TL3 Equipment Foundation in Society Hill, South Carolina. From layout to demolition and excavation to the perfect curing of new concrete foundations, this project was another successful example of how Wolf Creek Contracting’s experience means a better-finished product.

In addition to our concrete work, our teams have completed additions and renovations for schools, libraries, banks, and offices. We’ve worked on pre-engineered metal buildings and completed ADA compliant streetscapes that add both beauty and functionality while retaining the history of the town.

Our extensive list of available services means that no matter what type of project you need completing, Wolf Creek is the general contractor for you in North or South Carolina. Call us today to get started on your next project.

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