Our Team

Damian Lang

Chief Executive Officer

Howard Offenberger, Jr.


Howard Offenberger, the President, oversees all corporate operations and is responsible for building long-term partnerships, adding key people and developing new market areas.

Don Gatewood

Vice President

Don Gatewood joined Wolf Creek in May, 2017 to lead the firm’s continued presence and growth in West Virginia and surrounding states. Don oversees West Virginia operations.

Jay Renner

Project Manager

Jay came out of retirement to join Wolf Creek in October of 2018 with over 50+ years of construction experience.

Matt Wyscarver

Lead Estimator

Matt W

Professional construction and sales manager with 25 years’ in managing multiple contracts, projects, contractors, and employees.

Brandyn Offenberger

Project Estimator

Matt W

Offenberger joined Wolf Creek Contracting in 2013. He was a field labor, concrete finisher, and equipment operator.

David Shell

Project Coordinator

David joined Wolf Creek in 2018. He brings with him over 25 years of construction experience.

Tami Dietz

Construction Administrator Manager

Tami joined Wolf Creek in April 2016 as a Construction Administrator Manager. Tami brings over 30 years of experience in Administration.

Patty Renner

Construction Administrator

Patty joined Wolf Creek in October of 2018 as a Construction Administrator.

Cassie Skinner

Construction Administrator

Cassie joined Wolf Creek in November of 2018 as a Construction Administrator.

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