Wolf Creek Contractors offers Design/Build services to make your next project easier than ever. In traditional construction, a client hires one firm to design the building and a different firm to construct it. This method can often result in long build times and miscommunications.

In a Design/Build, the engineers, architects, and contractors are all part of the same company, simplifying the process. The unified workflow means your project is finished on time and on budget.

We work with the finest architects and engineers across numerous cities and states to bring only the highest quality to your project. With these resources, we can incorporate the latest technologies and advancements in building practices.

Our Design/Build services come with an open book policy. We know how important budget is, which is why we show you what each piece of the project will cost and update you immediately on any changes during the build. It’s your project which means you and your project team will make all the major decisions together. We find that client satisfaction with both the quality and value of their project are increased with a Design/Build.


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