Industrial Projects

General Contractor for Industrial Building Projects

Industrial buildings have many aspects that need to be addressed when designing and building. We provide high-quality scheduling, budget tracking, value engineering, and self-performed trades. We are an experienced contracting company, here to help bring your industrial project concept to completion.

An industrial project such as a warehouse parking lot requires additional consideration for the weight of trucks and goods moving to and from the building. An experienced industrial contracting company will understand these additional needs and address them through every step of the design and building process.

Industrial Concrete Work from Wolf Creek Contracting

When you need a general contractor for an industrial project, you need Wolf Creek Contractors. From superflat concrete foundations and floors to full design/build services, we have the experience working on industrial projects to guarantee your needs are met.

Our workers get the best industry education and are ACI (American Concrete Institute) certified. We use the latest machines and techniques to provide a quality finished product that exceeds your expectations. We work with our clients to give you exactly what you need at a high quality and a fair price. Check out some of our industrial projects below!

Warehouse Expansion | Nitro, WV

Our team was responsible for pouring the foundation for an industrial warehouse in Nitro, West Virginia. We started before sunrise pouring hundreds of cubic yards of concrete which we finished with our advanced finishing machines to provide a fine finish to the floor slab.

TL3 Equipment Foundation | Society Hill, South Carolina

With industrial projects requiring more than a slab, Wolf Creek is still able to deliver. We worked on the TL3 Equipment facility foundation, starting with the demolition and excavation. Our perfectly cured concrete foundations support their business (literally) and the project provided them exactly what they needed while keeping within their budget and timeline.

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