We Bring Beauty & Function to Your Streetscape

Wolf Creek Contractors have been completing ADA compliant and historic streetscapes since our inception in 2008. Whether it’s expert concrete work for seamless curbs and sidewalks or a complex pattern of specific stone or brick to match historic buildings, Wolf Creek is here to help.

ADA Compliant Streetscapes

We are your trusted experts when it comes to ADA compliance and the safety concerns of your sidewalks and roads. We can help mend and repour concrete sidewalks, steps, ramps, and more. We specialize in getting your project right the first time and on time. In Cedar Grove, WV, we repoured a roadside interpretive center sidewalk to help deal with unsafe flooding and keep pedestrians safe.

Historic Streetscapes

In addition to ADA compliance, we can help with historic streetscapes and city beautification projects. In West Union, WV, we sourced sandstone for the curbs that came from the same quarry as the stone for the historic courthouse, still standing proudly in town.

What You Get With Wolf Creek Contracting


Our streetscapes are built to last. We understand that your town needs a beautiful and functional space for walking, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors. Whether it’s a single sidewalk or every curb city-wide, we are here to give you a quality finished product that exceeds all standards.


We work in many states creating beautiful streetscapes for towns and cities. In West Virginia, we have actually completed more streetscape projects than any other WV contractor. Whether you have a design in mind or need our expert engineers and designers to form a plan with you, we have the experience to complete your streetscape project to perfection.


Our teams are known for going above and beyond when it comes to the work we do on your streetscape project. In fact, our work in Buckhannon, WV inspired the Mayor to write a letter to the state Cabinet Secretary expressing his praises—“During my 36-year association with Buckhannon as a city official, that was one of the nicest, most professional undertakings I have ever been privy to.” (Read the full letter here.)

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