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Virginia’s Chapel Interpretive Center

Wolf Creek Contracting is proud to be a licensed and insured contractor in the state of West Virginia. You need a team behind you who understands the unique requirements for General Contractors in West Virginia. Every project comes with a dedicated Project Manager and Superintendent to lead your design to completion within all regulations and standards required by the state. Our expert teams have completed numerous commercial building projects across West Virginia.

Wolf Creek Contracting understands the unique concrete needs of businesses in West Virginia. We poured the new concrete entry for Big Sandy Arena in Huntington, WV. We worked closely with the DOT to ensure the finished slab at Superior Hardwoods could withstand the large loads being driven into this industrial facility. We’re able to tailor our work and materials to meet your needs as we did at The Interpretive Center in Cedar Grove, WV where we used pervious (well-draining) concrete to assist with rainwater runoff.

We are skilled in commercial and industrial construction. We built the new EMS Station in Ravenswood, West Virginia to replace an older facility that just didn’t meet the current needs of the community. The new Sherriff’s Office in Ripley, WV is another example of the experience we have with public works projects.

On this project, we had issues with the specified flooring coming loose due to the concrete having too much moisture in it. We went back in one year later and put a moisture block on the concrete and installed new flooring because the customer wasn’t happy. This is just one example of Wolf Creek striving to meet their goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Our experience with additions and renovations helped us bring Chamberlain Elementary School in Charleston, WV up to code with a new elevator and stairwell towers.

We have specialized in performing Streetscape Projects in WV. In West Union, we installed sandstone curbs cut from the same quarry used to build the town courthouse over a 100 years earlier. We improved pedestrian safety outside the museum in Beverly, WV and installed new drains to keep the museum from flooding.

Wolf Creek Contracting is also skilled at Historic Restoration projects. In Elkins, WV, we restored the exterior woodwork and masonry on the house of Herman Guy Krump, ex-governor of West Virginia. Another example of our Restoration background can be found at the Wellsburg, WV Tolegate House where we replaced exterior siding to match the existing material, installed a composite shaker style roof, and fixed several foundation issues.

Our extensive list of available services means that no matter what type of project you need completed, Wolf Creek is the West Virginia general contractor for you. Call us today to get started on your next project.

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