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Bringing Your Historical Building Back to its Former Glory in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and the Carolinas

Historical buildings are priceless to your community – their timeless beauty represents how far you’ve come, but time may have worn away at their foundations, exteriors, and supporting structures. Wolf Creek Contractors is your premier source for historic restorations and renovations, using modern construction tools and methods to preserve the classical appeal and integrity of your local landmarks.

Our sincere love for history shows in the time and work we put into our restorations - we know that there’s nothing more rewarding than repairing 100+ year-old structures back to their former glory so they can be shared and utilized for future generations.

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What Is Historical Restoration?

Historical restoration is a highly specific skill that incorporates new and old techniques to preserve historical structures. In short, it’s a way to protect the existence and appearance of the historical elements of the building and the community as a whole.

It is critical to find an experienced historical restoration team to properly restore your building to properly maintain its original integrity and aesthetic. The historic property restoration experts at Wolf Creek Contracting understand how to do just that.

Preserving What Makes Your Community Stand Out

We specialize in taking rotted or damaged structures and giving them new life while preserving original features and paying homage to the structure’s original purpose. Our masons and carpenters use historical data and modern techniques to recreate original designs while providing your building with modern structural stability. You can expect your historic structure to look like it did the day it was built and continue to stand proud for centuries more.

Quality Comes First

Historic property restorations require specialized services, experienced contractors, and a high level of care. We’re not just here to add a few extra supports and call it a day – we want to make your community’s pride and joy shine again, just like it did when it was first constructed.

Throughout our restoration process, we maintain an open and clear line of communication with you to ensure that you stay informed and we stay on track with your vision. We may be here to build and restore buildings, but we’re also here to build trust, careers, and relationships.

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Our Code of Conduct

Every job we undertake, restorations included, is completed while in full adherence to our code of conduct. Wolf Creek Contractors was founded over a decade ago on core ideals of safety, leadership, integrity, and passion, and our code of conduct represents our commitment to those values and the satisfaction of our clients.

Count on Wolf Creek Contractors to Provide:

  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Communication
  • Equal employment opportunities
  • Confidentiality
  • Accountability
  • Drug-free job sites
  • Accessibility solutions
  • And more

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