Since 2010, Wolf Creek Contracting has consistently delivered numerous sidewalk, streetscape, parks and recreation, and historic preservation projects for a multitude of my most important public sector clients in West Virginia. Without a doubt, Wolf Creek is number one in customer satisfaction, and is the most cooperative contractor I have had the pleasure of collaborating with. I would highly recommend Wolf Creek for any of my client’s municipal/civil project needs.

I recently worked with Wolf Creek Contracting on the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Throughout the course of the project, the line of communication was always open between them, the owner, and the architect, and they handled their sub-contractors well. The project was in close proximity to the EMS Station and the existing Sheriff’s Office, and they took special care to ensure no interruption in those services. It was a pleasure to work with Wolf Creek Contracting, and I recommend them without reservation.

I can not be more pleased with Wolf Creek Contracting’s dedication, attention to detail, and the professionalism. I truly believe that it has been a partnership as we have completed our renovation and addition on Warren Middle School. Wolf Creek’s leadership and insight on our project provided Warren Local Schools the best opportunity to provide the best educational environment for our students.

During the past month, out DOT’s Division of Highways utilized the contractor Wolf Creek Contracting Company, LLC to undertake ADA compliant work throughout Buckhannon improving 88 sidewalk intersect points… For the several weeks that Wolf Creek’s employees toiled in our streets, I observed their work which was absolutely exemplary.

David C. McCauley
DOT’s Division of Highways

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