General Contractor for Commercial & Industrial Projects

Wolf Creek Contracting is your trusted contractor in Ohio and West Virginia for commercial and industrial design and construction projects. Check out a portfolio of select past projects below!

Wolf Creek Contracting’s Commercial and Industrial projects always prove to be successes. Since 2009, Wolf Creek has worked with architects, business owners, and city officials to enhance communities through public works projects, increase businesses’ profitability by renovating commercial structures, and bring functionality to structures for municipalities and businesses of all kinds. By developing your concepts into reality, Wolf Creek Contracting brings you the solutions you need with high-quality materials and workmanship.

Wolf Creek takes pride in everything we do because we know we’re making a difference with our services. Projects such as the Ravenswood EMS Station or the Jackson County Sheriff’s Station help bring safety to communities. Our renovations to Chamberlain Elementary and the expansion of Barlow Vincent Elementary into Barlow Vincent Jr. High have provided brighter futures for the education of our children. Our streetscapes bring accessibility and restore vital historic value to towns and municipalities.  

We offer building solutions from demolition & new construction to pre-engineered metal building erection to additions & renovations. We got our roots from concrete and historical restoration and so streetscapes and historic projects are also our specialties. We provide these services for projects using traditional, design/build, and Construction Manager at Risk delivery methods. We are eager to showcase our expertise and do not shy away from a challenge! We are capable to help with ANY industrial or commercial construction project. 

Wolf Creek Contracting adds value to projects by providing superior project management, detailed construction administration, and superintendents with years of field experience. We prioritize communication between design teams, construction teams, and project owners to ensure your project stays on track and on budget. It also allows us to respond to any requests or issues directly to ensure the best service and continued good relationships with vendors, clients, and sub-contractors. The value we place on the relationships we form with clients is what sets Wolf Creek Contracting apart.

Whether you’re looking for an Ohio or West Virginia general contractor or concrete subcontractor for design-building a school, restoring your historic home, a commercial building renovation, or an altogether new construction project, Wolf Creek Contracting is the general contractor for you. Call Wolf Creek Contracting today and get your commercial or industrial project started!

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